Tuesday, July 20

the most celebrated are the rehabilitated

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You know, blog. I'm actually quite happy without you, thankyouverymuch. Superficially happy, at the least. There is a high that comes from saying to myself "that thing would be delicious!" and then eating said thing, or just relaxing when I get home from work. A sad high, I suppose. But it's where I've arrived.

I might have sooner forgotten this place existed entirely, but I keep getting these emails from people wondering where I am, how I am, and the such. And it makes me feel terrible! It makes it really hard to not care about this when you all keep pestering me about it. Stop it!

And then I think of coming back, of facing my failed attempt. Oh, the shame! In my head I say to myself that if everyone tried and succeeded first time around, there wouldn't be any weight loss blogs at all. But it still feels crappy to do really well, and then bottom out, but that's just how I roll. But I can't let a lack of an action plan dictate that I do nothing at all. I guess I just need to try again. I can do that, right? And if I fail for the 8,584th time, I suppose it's nothing unexpected.

Being away has kind of felt like a tv dramedy when you're in-between seasons. Stuff happened, none of it that important. I guess we pick up for a season 2 where we left off, if people still feel like tuning in.