Friday, June 4

So I can call just to tell them I’m fine and to show I’ve overcome the blow

In other less exciting news, I only lost 1 lb this week. Which brings me to 30 lbs total.

This week has been just crapfestpalooza. I've been in a bleh mood. I had yummy but deadly mcdonalds frappes and ate terribly for memorial day and its all just terrible. Terrible terrible terrible.

But, anyways. The only reason I lost anything this week is because I managed to keep my exercise routine on target. So my 7th week was a crap one. Fine. I'm gonna shrug it off and refocus. I think I may let the grouchy have one more day though. I'll blame caffeine withdrawal ;)

I haven't read my reader in like a week. There's like 180 things in there which is crazy as I only follow the like 30 people who follow me lol Chatty Cathy's you are!


fatty blogsticks said...

oh dear, i just read your post and thought 'reader'? you haven't read your 'reader'? what the hell is that?

and, umm, so i went to my dashboard and clicked 'view in google reader' and man do i feel stupid. like the guys who thought the world was flat. stupid guys. thanks for waking me up.

anyway, with that out of the way, i'll say good on you for the loss. reaching 30 is unreal. i'm feeling pretty crapfestpalooza too and skipped exercise tonight for the first time in 33 days! argh!

Tricia said...

Ugh, I think it's a universally bad week, dude. I've gained like ten pounds and I'm not even exaggerating. Terrible. Let's get this shit together, eh?

Psykochatter said...

You should have had some chia seeds!!!!!!!!!! :D

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

McDonald's frappes??? Glad we don't have them here. Do we? I better not check.

I know. I know. it sounds so blog-happy-cheery but 30 pounds IS pretty terrific! You never have to see them again if you keep going forward despite a crappy week.
I love my caffeine! I don't think I could go without.
I had to refocus this week too. I know exactly what to do but I keep turning my head and being distracted by bright shiny objects (disguised as granola and Vitatops and chocolate)

Hang in there, Twon! Ever onward!

Big Clyde said...

Wow...everyone is having a bad week, including me. I was sick, didn't exercise and started eating badly.

Glad that you still exercised, Twon. That is awesome. 30 pounds is great and just a beginning for you.

Al (losingharry) said...

You can eat bad and still lose weight...pretty cool. I am not suggesting you make a habit of it or anything, but it goes to show you the power of exercise.

Missa said...

Hey man! Back from Vay-cay and checkin' in. Kudos on the loss and since I am back in town, you have all the more reason to kick the blasay blasay's outta town :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend!