Tuesday, June 15

No eggs or sausages were harmed making this post

In lieu of my diet alteration, I decided to celebrate by starting my day off with one of my friend Megans preferred breakfast, Overnight Oats. They look so gross! :) It's surprisingly good and extremely filling. You just take some steel-cut oats, add some almond milk or whichever kind you prefer, and add a mashed banana (we also add flax and chia seeds) and then just leave it overnight in the fridge. Before eating, I stirred in some organic peanut butter and it was quite yummy!

I also treated myself to some Starbucks VIA. I gave up coffee, but it didn't give up on me! It's the best "instant" coffee I've had, and this is completely reflected in the price! However 8oz is just my serving size, and pouring a stick into a cup of water is the extent of my culinary prowess. So I may buy them more.


Psykochatter said...

it DOES look gross! How can you eat something so nasty??

My PB is dark chocolate, so mine totally looks like baby poo. :)

Mine looks to be 491 calories and almost 11 grams of fiber. I'll eat this for two meals.. but not too bad!

Tricia said...

I was never a huge fan of oats, if I'm being honest. It doesn't help that they look like poo vomit. 2 oats, 1 cup.

Anonymous said...

Hey! How ya doing? You haven't blogged in a while...and I have been thinkin' of you!