Friday, June 4

Big Energy Kick-Start Finale

El Fin.

So the challenge ended on Wednesday (it's been a rough week).

However I am happy to report that I completed my 20 days of exercise in 30 days for at least 30 min! I'm excited to have finished. Now I can never exercise again! *muahaha*

Just kidding. It has been done grudgingly at times. There were days when it didn't end up happening at all. But in the end, I perservered and reached my goal. My only issue was this week I hurt my ankle :/ But its cooperating. I'm trying to give it a day or 2 to heal now.

But I know that exercise needs to be part of a healthy lifestyle and look forward to trying some new things in the upcoming months. I will certainly be keeping you updated!

So! How did you do with the challenge?

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✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Well, I didn't do the challenge but Congrats on finishing yours and meeting your goals!!!

I'm always doing stupid things like thinking I'm going to go 30 for 30.
20 for 30 is much more reasonable and doable. I might pick that for a challenge this month.