Monday, June 14

and I come back to you now at the turn of the tide

Ok, so today is the Monday. The Monday when I decided I would renew my journey to being a healthier me.

I'll start be saying thank you for all the encouraging comments this weekend. With the R.I.P. of my MacBook, blogging interaction has been less than ideal and I figured y'all would have forgotten about me :)

Ok, so my bottom line of these past 2 weeks has leveled with having put on 10 lbs! What a nightmare. How hard one has to work to lose those 10lbs in 2 weeks, you'd think they wouldn't come back just as quickly as they left. Though that is what they say I suppose. But, glass half fulling it I'm still down 20lbs and have all the lessons I've learned the past 2 months to set me on the right course again. And with that, I'm turning this into an opportunity to revise my dieting plan!

It is something I had planned to do down the line, but given the current situation I'm going to give it a go now. I'll give it 3 weeks to be a wonderful success or a miserable failure, and if it ends poorly, then it will be induction for me again. I'm calling it the Twon diet, cause I like naming things after myself. It is not revolutionary. I'm just going to try and work some different dieting sensibilites into my diet pallet.

The main notable difference is I will be including some whole grains and fruits into my diet. This basically means ketosis is out and I lose my "advantage" of getting to eat til I'm stuffed at every meal and still lose weight. It also means I have to start watching my calories. These are big cons for me, but I guess I am hoping it will be a sacrifice worth making.


Tony The Pink Panda said...

just an fyi and ignore it if you already know this, but ketogenic diets usually means a huge loss of water initially, so some of that weight you gained was probably just water weight and will probably come off quite easily again.

~HoneyB~ said...

I love that your just turning this around right now in the right direction instead of letting it pull you down :) You do what ever it is you need to do... only you know what that is, and I know youll do great.... older and wiser for the mistakes we make I say ;) Youve got a plan, and a man with a plan out smarts a man with no direction any day! You can do it Twon, we are all pullin for ya :)

Big Clyde said...

Dude, it sucks, but we have all been there. I like that you are not sweating it and just moving forward.

Hey, I like the name Twon. Is it a nickname, or a shortened name from something else?