Saturday, May 22

this time, baby, I'll be bulletproof

Happy weekend!

I'll take advantage of the fact that no one reads blogs on the weekend to ramble. 

I used to be a caffeine addict. I used to buy 2 large iced coffees or energy drinks and bring them to work everyday. At one point, I brought a thermos full of coffee everyday. Then about a year or 2 ago, I found caffeine started doing terrible things to me... chest tightness, heart palpitations, inability to slow my heart rate when trying to sleep. I was also a pack a day smoker back then, and the Dr said I have some anxiety issues. Once I cut those things out, and realized I wasn't going to die everytime I had a panic attack, the situation resolved itself. Panic attacks that I never talk about for some reason.

Cut to modern day. I've been noticing recently my tolerance for caffeine has been increasing. Not that I'm dying to *need* coffee again, but it's nice have a latte once in a while and not be kept up all night.

I can't think of anything witty to transition to the next paragraph.

Has anyone had anyone from their past contact you from long ago, and you get excited to interact with the adult version of them only to find they are *exactly* the same person as they were before, as if wrapped in plastic wrapped and stuck in the freezer for a decade? Yeah. Personal growth, it's a good thing.


Sharon said...

I still do the coffee thing, but only in the mornings. And 2 cups is my limit.

I have also noticed that some people never change. I just hope I'm not going to be one of those people.

Big Clyde said...

I am addicted to coffee and fine with it. I have either had a quad Americano (4 shots of espresso) or a large iced coffee (often with an added shot) everyday for the past 15 years, I'm guessing.

That is my only caffeine (no soda or caffeinated tea, never "energy" drinks).

Aside from the addiction (that compels me to keep it up each day), I don't see any negatives. My body is accustomed to the caffeine level, so I sleep well and don't have those other side effects mentioned.

Are there other negatives that I should be considering regarding caffeine? I really love it, but don't want to be ignorant of bad effects on my health.

Big Clyde said...

Hey, Twon. Thanks for your comment on the Andre thing. It made me smile. This may sound weird, but I also picture Andre when I am writing and thinking of goals.

~HoneyB~ said...

I switched to green tea. I heard, when I lost all this weight years ago, that its not the caffeine in coffee but the 80 other chemicals its made up of that help weight get stored on the body. I dont even know if its true or not, I just know weight comes off me faster when I stay away from coffee.

Rob West said...

Man I totally love coffee. I don't drink it on the low carbohydrate diet right now but after my year is up I plan to move to the same diet my wife is on. She is on a vegan diet and doing really well. When I get there I will be sucking down coffee and mostly tea. I love Herbalife's tea. It is the bomb!

Tricia said...

Caffeine makes my heart all crazy-wazoo too. I can have like half a cup of coffee, and then forget it about it. I already have tachycardia, which is rapid heartbeat, so any little extra adding to that just make me feel like death is on my doorstep.

Most of the time I feel pretty immature. I wonder if I'm that person that people look at and wonder if I've been in a cave for the last 15 years? I dunno if i'll ever really "grow up." I've gotten pretty good at shirking responsibility in my old age.

anne h said...

I am a self-confessed caffeine junkie....I had to quit drinking RedLine because It was making me jealous and crazy....can't blame the RedLine, though, 100%
It just made it worse....
So now, I'm back to a "regular" amount of caffeine - and much less angst!
Saw your name on my blog - nice to check our yours!

Twon said...

Ok, no ones supposed to be reading on the weekend, remember!! :)

@Sharon Well it's not as much changing as moving forward. This person was giving me the same excuses for their bahaviors they had 15 years ago! Verbatim.

@Clyde well if people can handle caffeine then it's fine. But I can't, or not like I used to. The upsides to quitting, aside from removing the bad things, are I'm more steady energywise over the day, I don't need naps in the afternoon and I'm generally more calm. But the withdrawal for someone addicted is terrible.

@HoneyB yeah, I am solely a tea drinker now. I buy loose leaf tea online and have it everyday at work. It's just enough caffeine w/o the side effects.

@Rob I love me my tea myself! Well coffee is now kosher in atkins if that was your reason for quitting. and the new book alludes to being vegan and atkiny together, so you should look into that. At least you can transition over. I was vegan before (i run the gambit of extremes apparently) and I enjoyed it. My only issue was not being satisfied sometimes and overeating on less healthy vegan options.

@tricia oh, please don't understand me. I'm 8 shades of immaturity wrapped up in a big childish bow. It's not so much the "growing up" part as the "moving forward" part. My old friend from HS just has the same mindset of "i'm the victim, it's my parents fault I'm a jerk and make bad choices" he had when he was 16. Now he's 31 and it's just old. At some pint you need to take responsibility for your actions. Coming from the 30 year old who watches iCarly and hannah montana on occasion.

@Anne yeah, I feel so much calmer and less angsty myself with caffeine reduction!!