Thursday, May 13

A nighttime post. How fancy!

So yesterday I did something stupid. I totally wiped out the data on my Wii challenge. You'll note that the dates on my little chart here are wrong. It's because my wii thought it was still 2009. So, in an apparent bout of OCD, I was so annoyed by this that I went and corrected the year. "It'll be fine" I told myself. Nope. Erased all my data. Tried setting the year back... nada. I thought it might, but then again it might have been fine? I'm a gambling man. I guess I don't know when to fold 'em.

None of this actually matters. I'm still committed to my 20 workout days this month, and I'll finish it the next week as I don't intend to stop exercising once this challenge thing is over. (or I don't now I GUESS).

Tonight I went shopping for a wedding tomorrow. Being fat and shopping is the *worst*, I'm sure most of you would agree. It must be nice to just walk into any store and buy clothes. After the 3 day weekend of horror eating last week (did I mention it was *3* days? yeah) I'm prepared for my not-loss tomorrow. But I was really good all week, so I'm going to be forgiving of myself. And try and be better.

"You see someone running incredibly fast - The first thing you gotta ask is 'Are they running to something, or are they running from something?' The answer is always both." -Topher, Dollhouse


Sharon said...

I sympathize on the shopping. I truly hate it...unless it's for a smaller size! Keep your chin up - you can still exercise without that Wii data.

Tricia said...

Shopping...every fat girl's nightmare. Girls are SUPPOSED to like shopping. At least as a dude, you're programmed to hate it, so it's okay that you do.

I seriously can never fit into anything and I FUCKING hate it. Hence the dieting and whatnot. So did you find a fancy outfit or what??

Twon said...

@Sharon and I shall!

@Tricia yes! the other glory is being a guy is that I don't need to buy "form fitting" anything ;)

Rob West said...

I have heard of a "mirdle" that is suppose to be a girdle for men. I think that is like a man purse. I would not want to try it for fear the other men would cast me into outer darkness.

Missa said...

Maybe you should try something else to log your fitness? I use dailymile. You can log anything on there, and then calculate the number of calories burned in ratio of donuts or cheeseburgers. I find it incredibly motivating.