Monday, May 17

if all you've got to lose alludes to yesterday, yesterdays through. now do anything you please

And, another walk-of-shame post.

This weekend we gathered and mourned the passing of my single friend Megan (into marriage). It was a grand time, and there was eating; Fancy resteraunts, catered receptions, eating eating eating. 

However, again, I don't feel bad for these things I have done. It wasn't a lack of willpower, a crippled buckling of resolve that afforded these grievances. I made the conscious decision going into them that this was a once and a lifetime event and I had plenty going on and I was not going to stress over the dieting. It doesn't forgive them, and in a perfect world I should have made more of an effort to manage them better. But I made a choice. And I know I'll see the repercussions of that choice likely on friday.

However, that time has come and gone. The major events are done, and my calendar is clear as the eye can see. And from here on out it is eye on the prize, commitment and motivation. I've allowed myself to be lax when I needed to, and now I will double my commitment and show you all the miracle of my resolve!!

(I don't know why this post was so dramatic)

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Tricia said...

You should make a cape. RESOLVE MAN! Able to resist carbs and get out stubborn rug stains.

Tell your friends to stop getting married so you can kick ass, k? Good luck this week!