Sunday, May 9

Forgive me diet, for I have sinned....

Baby did a bad bad thing.

A bunch of us intoxicated folks were chaffered to the recently opened Sonic restaurant near our locale. (It's an hour away from me, thank god.)

Amongst other things, I got an order of these things. Chili Cheese Tots. Now some people will look at that picture and say "Eww, those look disgusting". While others will say "Mmm, those look delicious!". Well, you are both correct.

Will there be negative repercussions to these choices? Likely. Did I try and drink the memory of the food away? Unsuccessfully, yes. But it's something we've collectively wanted to do *forever*, so will I regret the experience? No. The picture is making me want more though. (Not *my* tots photo'ed. Mine were larger and inhaled.) I am going to be one angry camper Friday!


Big Clyde said...

Yeah. Twon. The picture doesn't do it justice. This looks like what I did on Kurt Johnson's floor after my first time drinking a six-pack.

But the trip sounded fun. Don't look back. Get back on plan. You've got a challenge to beat!

fatty blogsticks said...

haha, big clyde... yep, don't look back. work it off - we want a happy camper, friday!

Twon said...

@Clyde Really, when I slid it out of the wrapper, in my head, I was like "OMG Someone threw up on my dinner!!" ...but then I tasted them. I can't lie, they were delicious.

@Blogsticks I'm only hoping the Kick-start keeps a weight *gain* off of me this week. I'm sure i'm 5lbs heavier today from the endeavor. It sure feels like it lol

~HoneyB~ said...

Awwww Twon I think I can say with outta doubt we have ALL been there on the sinning side of our diets :))) For me it is my homemade ice cream. When I get the urge to be naughty I have a horrible problem with homemade from Ben and Jerrys Cookbook ice cream ... I hear ya on this post! I say, its over its done... just work hard this week and on Friday youll be smiling :)

Al (losingharry) said...

I am of the opinion that those might be the tastiest things on the planet...I saw them last week when we stopped at sonic. Whats done is done...move on.

Twon said...

@HoneyB I'm going to try! Here's hoping for the best ;)

@Al I can't lie. They were totally delicious!

I am of the opinion that the tastiest thing in the universe would be Fried Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. I have never seen or had such a thing. But i've had fried mac and cheese, and i've had buffalo chix mac and cheese. My mind can't even process what they would be like together!!!

Tricia said...

Oh man, I used to eat those like twice a week. Meeeemmmmooriiiiieeeessssss :P

Hope you enjoyed it! Now back to work...wonk wonk.

Psykochatter said...


My body feels like it's full of lead. I feel like I need a blood transfusion now!

I don't regret the eating (except maybe Friday), but I think I'll likely *not* eat terribly next weekend because of it. Worth it? yes.