Wednesday, May 19

but at night I'd had these wonderful dreams, some kind of sensuous treat

So I got to peruse the "New Atkins for a New You" book that came out 2 months ago last night on my friends Kindle. It's relatively the same, but there are a few changes, and they are most definitely notable.

The largest being the new inclusion of vegetarianism and veganism as options in the book. This is a huge shift for Atkins, the diet notoriously known as the "meat and cheese" diet. There have been Low-Carb veggies forever, but they were always the hippie subset who bended the diet to their needs.

But now they are acknowledged and welcomed. There are carb listings for all the staples; tofu, tempeh, soy meats and cheeses, quorn, almond milks, etc. The only recommendations are to make sure you're getting a lot of protein still, and to add fat to your diet ala fish, avacodos, oils and such. Fat is still necessary to the process. Plus any good veggie knows the key to turning rubbery veggie products into yumminess is oil and seasonings!

I've never been a fan of my carnivorous tendencies. Now nobody freak out, I don't care that you love your steak! Meat is yummy. Different strokes. I'm just saying that I personally am not a fan of the meat industry, don't like it's ecological implications, and will be glad to include more veggie substitutes into my "lifestyle".

Other notable changes (I noticed) include:

*3 cups is now 6 cups of salad during induction

*More vegetable choices are "all you can have" due to studies on vegatables and their digestion

*and lastly caffeine has been vindicated! It was once shamed for it's potential to cause blood sugar spikes, but given recent studies showing caffeine has notable health benefits the ban (that most ignored anyways) has been lifted.


Psykochatter said...

I'm very pleased about these things. My reluctance to try low carb (which I accidentally wrote as "lol carb") was the increase of meat in my diet.

Anyway... what else did you read? I hate reading up on things.. I like being told... :)

Big Clyde said...

Lots of salad, caffeine is vindicated??? Good stuff. Sounds like this diet just got easier to follow (and maybe even healthier).

Go get em, Twon.

Al (losingharry) said...

Let me know when they add bread and I'm there...

I did Atkins for a while and the limit there was on veggies held me back. I am glad they are loosening the reigns.

Twon said...

@Megan I might honestly call it lol carb for the rest of my life now!

Read the book! you bought it! I don't condone it, however if you must you can skip Chapter 1 that explains *why* everything works and just skip to Chapter 2.

@Clyde yeah, I like my veggies. They keep me regular under the meet/cheese onslaught!

@Al Ha. Like those "vegetarians" that only eat eggs, cheese, fish, chicken and pork?

You can totally follow a strict low carb diet with the exceptions of pasta, bread and cake ;)

~HoneyB~ said...

Twon, you should totally do a couple of posts about what you eat on this diet for those of us that dont really know how it works or what to do; ppl like meeeeeee :) I thought on Atkins you could only eat meat! This sounds much more friendly tahn I had thought :)

Tricia said...

I need to get this book because I'm still following the original Nazi-like rules of the first run printed in like 1802 or something. The only reason it works for me is because I am a freaking carnivore. But sometimes eating ribs makes me feel bad. Like, it's on the bone, I feel I may as well be eating it directly out of a dead carcass. Still...they're yummy. Conflict!

Lol carb...teehee! Love it :P

Rob West said...

I feel the same as Tricia. I just love the meat. Check out the documentary "Food Inc." It is very interesting. I do need to get the Atkins book though. Hale Atkins! :)