Monday, May 3

The Big Energy Kick-Start

So I'm starting a Challenge.

You'd find the humor in this if you new me personally as goals and challenges are antithetical to the way of life I choose to lead. The idea of committing myself to a goal and being held accountable to it makes me squirm inside... because it means I'll have to do it. However, Big Clyde ( thinks it will be good for my character, or something. So let's do this!

I am vowing from today, I will exercise for *at least* thirty minutes 15 times in the next 30 days.
This seems like a reasonable goal, and considering that I exericise *0* days a week, it seems like a good start! It always coincides with the EA Sports Wii Active 30 day challenge I always say I'm going to retry and have yet to get myself to do. And one round of those tends to only be 20-something minutes a day, I usually supplement it with another exercise cycle I set up for myself.

So if you care set up a challenge for yourself, comment below and we'll do it together! The numbers don't matter, just something that challenges yourself. If I have to do it, so do you :P I'll try to web 2.0 it all after when I'm not on my cell. Let the fun begin!


Psykochatter said...

you're going to hate this.. but you knew it was coming...

I'LL DO IT!!!!

I haven't done jack crap in what seems like ages! And I'll do the same challenge!

This'll be fun! and I promise not to annoy you. <3

Twon said...

Hate it? I knew you'd be the first one on board!! :)

I'm sure you'll annoy me just the right amount ;)

It'll be fun. I know exercise needs to be part of my healthy living regime. Just don't expect to see me at a gym during this process lol maybe after 30 days and by then I hope for 40 or so lbs total less we'll discuss it!

Al (losingharry) said...

I'm in the midst of my challenge as you might know...riding my stationary bike to Vegas.

I am thinking about getting something for my Wii. Is the EA Sports thing any good? HoneyB recommends the Wii Biggest Loser.

Twon said...

@Al well I own Wii Fit and the EA Sports one and personally enjoy the latter much better! It just has more of an "exercise" feel to it rather than calorie burning "games" and it teaches me exercise routines I can do completely without when I so choose. But it still manages to be colorful and engaging and motivating. I would recommend it, but those are the only 2 I've tried.

Plus it doesn't necessarily use the balance board (but it can) so I don't have it crying when I step on it like wii fit does :)

I can only dream of aspiring to your challenge (for now anyway :) )

Sharon said...

I'll do it. But I have to set my goals a little different. I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Twon said...

@Sharon yay! glad to have you on board :)

Big Clyde said...

You Bastard! I was only joking about the challenge thing. Let's go get some pizzas and see who can eat the most!

Okay, maybe that was the old me talking. Yes, I am in for your Big Energy Kick Start!

I will post my goals probably tomorrow, but it will be similar to yours: do a certain amount of activity over the next 30 days. Maybe for others in the middle of other challenges, they could select smaller goals within their challenges to jump in here.

Anyway, well done. Please let us know how and when we should post our updates to you.

Twon said...

@Clyde Done! Bring on the pizzas!! :)

I'll post more about it after. I guess Mondays for the first 3 weeks and then on the 30th day. i'll update this thread tomorrow! And certainly anyone can join in. But I only have 19 followers so I wouldnt expect a wave of them ;)

Tony The Pink Panda said...

sounds like a plan. I'll make sure to not miss a lifting session for the next month.

Twon said...

@Tony Thanks for playing along! :D

fatty blogsticks said...

cool, i'm even more excited to check out ea sports now! as you already know, i'm in mega-motivated wii-mode right now, so i'm in!