Monday, May 17

Big Energy Kick-Start Challenge


In more inspiring news, I exercised 5 times this past week. That puts me at 9 out of 20 days, keeping me on target for my 30 day challenge!

Granted 4 of those 5 days were weekdays last week in order to stave off the onslaught of the prior weekend and still finagle some weight loss. I didn't get any workouts in over the weekend due to the wedding, and I slept over their house and such. But I certainly was moving around alot and not sitting on the couch watching tv for the weekend,  so maybe I staved off a few calories there as well.

I will attest that, while I'm still generally sore, I'm finding I have more "get up and go" from the exercise introduction into my life. This week I'm going to focus on intensity during my workouts and really try and push things, hoping my body will pull through for me on friday again and I won't have a sad weight gain from my weekend indiscretions.

So, how are *you* all doing on your challenges?? Feel free to comment below with updates or links to your blogs if you've updated on them there! Cheers!


Al (losingharry) said...

Hiya, Twon. I got 65.9 miles of the 200 I pledged left to go.

Big Clyde said...

Need to re-boot. Back to you soon on my plan.

Twon said...

@Al Great Job!!

@Clyde No worries. Keep us abreasteded.

Rob West said...

I have a treadmill that I need to turn on. You keep up the good work bro.

fatty blogsticks said...

well done on the 'get up and go'. i'm feeling more 'get up and go' too, although sometimes it's more like 'get up and go . . . to bed'.

this isn't a bad thing though. i'm completely nocturnal, so it's good that i'm feeling ready to nod off at a decent hour for once. i put it down to my increase in daily exercise. have you been feeling that, too? more like you've earned your rest?

i'm on day 19 of my wii workouts and haven't missed a day . . . yet. ocd, i swear. i just don't want to give my wii fit graph a gap!