Monday, May 10

Big Energy Kick-Start Challenge


Well, here is *my* update for the first week: A big part of my doing this challenge was wanting to do my EA Sports Active 30 day challenge alongside, however on Tuesday I could not find the knee strap that accompanies the game used to measure all your lower body exercises. So I just did the exercises as I remembered them and figured 1 day later wouldnt matter as I only committed to 15 days out of 30.

Wednesday however when I found my strap and started day one I was reminded that their challenge is 20 days out of 30. *grumblecakes*. So here's the rundown so far: 4 days out of 20 completed (officially). I make sure I get at least 30 minutes in, usually 40-45.

You're probably looking for a "Man, exercise is secretly amazing, I never knew!" or a "I wanna be a personal trainer when I grow up!" type of deal, but you will not be getting that here :) The most you will get out of me is "I like when Ibuprofen makes the soreness go away". But that's my week 1.

After this terrible eating weekend, I'll have to exercise 5 days this week and all of them before weigh in on friday!!

So, how was *your* week of exercise? Comment below and let us know how you're doing!! Or if you updated in your own blog for the challenge, drop us a link!


Big Clyde said...

Good for you, Twon. You were in the dumps a week ago. Now, you are kicking it. Keep at it.

Tricia said...

I didn't exercise at ALL last week...but I'm planning on doing some this week. Also, yes, I don't ever see myself becoming one of those people who says things about how much I enjoy exercise, or how I can't BELIEVE I used to eat cake! Eff that, I want cake right now, even as I'm typing this! I'm dieting, but I'll always be me, can't help that.

Grumblecakes...I like it!

Twon said...

@Clyde More like it's kicking me :) but thanks!!

@Tricia Mmmmmm... *fantasizes about shoving fistfuls of cake into my mouth*.

Grumblecakes is totally trademark, whom I know personally :)

Katie J said...

Grumblecakes! That is my new word now! Good for you to get back on track with the challenge.

P.S. We have Sonic commercials on tv but the closest one is over an hour away so I have never been there. Probably a good thing ;-)

~HoneyB~ said...

Well, as you might know from my blog last week I couldnt exercise at all *bum me out!* and I soooo wanted to join your challenge. Is it too late to join?

As of tomorrow I will be hitting my Wii doing my Biggest Loser Workout :)Ill keep you updated, let me know if its too late to officially join :)

Also how do you like the Wii Active? If you had to rate it on Wii products?

Twon said...

@Katie I would say it's totally worth making a trip to one time. And then being grateful it is so far away ;)

@HoneyB No! Jump in!! We're not all working towards a single goal, just separate goals we've set for ourselves. So set a good, oh, 23 day goal for yourself and come play!!

And I really love EA Sports active. I have wii fit as well, but that was very game-like and the wii board hates me. Whereas Active is really exercises vs games (though theres some sports stuff). You have your trainer, and you do different workouts everyday. You start with a 30 day challenge. It shows you videos how to do all the exercise before you start. You pick your intensity level based upon how many calories you want to burn. You can customize the workouts before you do them. I recommend it. How is the biggest loser one? Does Jillian Michaels yell at you alot ;)