Friday, May 21

as part of a balanced lol-carb diet

Oh Friday, how I loathe thee and your scale of badness.
Well, this week I lost 3 lbs (26 lbs total). Same deal as last week, I can't complain. My weight loss is progressing nicely for the 6 weeks. But 5 lbs is kinda my aim every week (for now) as its acheivable, however the weekends keeps bringing me down. But not *this* weekend!


Missa said...

Angry kitties. Heh heh.

3 lbs is a win! 5lbs is a cool goal too. What will you do to get there?


✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Congrats on the loss!

I don't know from 3 lbs lately.

Stay Strong!

Big Clyde said...

3 pounds is awesome! Embrace that. Make it a good weekend!

Tricia said...

Five pounds is kinda my weekly i-hope-i-hope-i-hope goal too. Don't get it much lately though. Plus I keep weighing everyday and getting all grumpy. 3 is good though! I finally broke down and bought the Atkins book again to see if there are any hidden rules I'm forgetting about. Feels like I buy this book every 5 years...

have a good weekend!

Rob West said...

Three pounds is awesome! I think if you lost a pound a week that would be awesome too. You are doing great man. Don't be too hard on yourself. Keep up the great work. Have a great weekend too. :)

Katie J said...

3 lbs. rocks dude! Really! I would embrace it wholeheartedly!

Experts will tell you that 1-2 lbs/week is the ideal so if you can blow out 3-5 as your norm then go for it!

Be good this weekend. We are watching you LOL!

fatty blogsticks said...

wow, that donut doesn't look mouth-wateringly delicious at all...

3 lbs is kick-ass! anything over 2 for me would be a breakthrough, but i'm currently sitting on 1.1 a week and learning to love it.

p.s. only one episode of lost to go! it's on wednesday night here. man, i'm going to bawl when it's over... be thinkin' of u!

Twon said...

@missa if I don't screw up on the weekend I may get there. This week I'm aiming for 4 lbs. it'll be nice to have a nice even 30.

@Fitcetera Thanks!

@Clyde Embraced! and i'll trying.

@Tricia well they do update it every 5 years. They need to make the money. 3 lbs isn't shabby, but I can't be complacent. must push harder! 4 lbs would be sweeter. and 5 lbs is the gold medal!

@Rob thanks buddy! No, 3 lbs is good. I'm not hatin' on it. But I know I can lose more, so I have to push for my potential as to not become complacent about it. But no doubt I am happy about my 26 lbs insofar!

@Katie It's only because it's still a relatively new diet. I have a ton to lose (not literally :) ) and it makes it easier for big losses in the beginning so I wanna take advantage of that. I know it will settle down to 2-3 lbs a week in another month or so and that will be cool.

@Blogsticks I stared at the donut for like 3 minutes when i posted it. Picturing how it would crumble when i bit into it, soft sweet chocolate donut crumbling into my mouth.... Salivation!!!

well my philosophy is a lb a week is 52 lbs in a year! That's not too shabby and I didn't gain all my weight in 3 months so I don't expect it to fall off in such.

Wednesday!! Are you not in the US? OMG download it from somewhere lol I couldn't sleep knowing it existed and I didnt have it :)

Sharon said...

3 lbs is still a great loss! Congrats

fatty blogsticks said...

hi twon, just back to say no, i'm not in the u.s., i'm in australia - booooo! i'm incapable of downloading lost, so must wait... i also don't want it to be over so bad that i am happy to stretch the anticipation out for a couple of days longer. i'm trying to avoid all media. you'll have seen it by now and no doubt have ALL the answers! i'll be back in touch after wednesday x