Sunday, April 18

stuck at work

Well it's 5 days into low carb'ing on Saturday. I almost freaked out because I got stuck doing a double at work, and I was hungry as I didn't plan on staying there for 16 hours and take out is much less viable an option now. So I ended up getting a Willow Tree Chicken Salad salad from my local eatery (extra scoop of chix salad). Man, it was effing delicious!

So, I do a bad thing and I weigh myself everyday (even though they say not to). It's only official on weigh-in day as far as i'm concerned. but I was shocked I lost 3 lbs for one day of eating less and doubling my exercise. It just makes me realize exercise would seriously help my cause at this juncture.

*shakes angry fist at exercise*


CactusFreek said...

Well done on choosing the salad. Healthy stuff can be just as yummy [if not yummier] than crap food. And it doesn't go down with a side order of guilt!

It's ok to weigh yourself every day as long as you don't get depressed when you see a gain one day. It's great for getting to know how your body works. Like, i ALWAYS gain weight if i eat after 8pm-ish and if my fat content for the day goes over 29% of my days calorie intake. I can bank on that!
[I work it out at]

Twon said...

Sadly, pretty much -everything- I eat goes down with a side of guilt! Lol I'm getting better with that too. I hide it well.