Tuesday, April 6


so it appears Megan has moved her wedding up a notch ( or a year) and while its a low key event now, it does create a life marker. Rather than fumbling aimlessly towards unimaginable weight loss, it gives me a nice little 6 week window to squeeze weight loss into.

Not that I'm going to lose hundreds of pounds in 6 weeks. But it will be like a game, to see what I can do in that timeframe. Ugh, stupid dieting. Grumblecakes. Guess I'll have to look at that whole "exercise" thing at some point. Another post, another day.


CactusFreek said...

Try not to look at exercise as a chore. Instead, think of a new hobby you'd like to do that requires moving.
We bought a Wii with Wii fit and that's kinda fun. I started boxing lessons a few weeks ago. It's great fun and burns masses of calories. I'm the fatest person there by about 300 pounds, but i care more about getting fit while having fun, than i care about how i look getting there.
I walk too, with an iPod. Music makes it way more fun! I listen to fast paced dance tracks that i like. It's hard to walk slow when you're listening to fast music!
I do water aerobics some times. That's great on the joints.
I'm going to join a Zumba class next week too.I'm really excited about that!
There's lots of stuff that you can do to get moving. And a lot of it is free. Try to change how you look at exercise, and it will be fun :o)

Twon said...

I have wii fit (which I have to trick with a chair) and EA Sports. I like that one better. I plan on restarting the 30 day challenge on it next week.