Thursday, April 8


Well this week seems to be going better diet wise. Which, of course, has made me horribly grumpy lol Being poor is an equal contributor. I just have to get through the next 2 months and I'll be ok, I just kick myself for not saving money. Plus healthier food is expensive. I guess being grumpy or stressed sometimes comes with feeling feelings. Hopefully ill have lost some weight tomorrow from my Monday restart to make myself feel better.

I'm adapting to being hungry once and while. They say "if you're dieting correctly you should never feel hungry".

That's bullshit. They lie!


CactusFreek said...

Hunger is a natural reponse. It is our body telling us we need to refuel. So how can it be normal to make sure it never feels hunger. If we don't feel hunger, how can we truly feel full?
I think the danger is that when we feel real hunger, we tend to make dumb choices in order to make the uncomfortable feeling go away quickly. But avoiding that is just planning.
We are on a budget too and so the weekly groceries are a very fine balance of health, taste, bulk, and preference. Just as well i'm clever! :o)

Twon said...

My thing is (when on a diet) that if i'm eating when I'm not hungry it seems like counter-productive, but once I realize I'm hungry the panic of "oh my god, I need to eat" sets in and like you said, bad choices.