Friday, April 16

not so anonymous anymore

apparently I've picked up a few followers. Excellent! It was pretty quiet here all by myself I was starting to realize.

Well i've lost 4lbs since in the last 4 days. Low carb always did like me. Of course, given the ton of weight ive got to lose, its not too big an accomplishment lol The real accomplishment is in the trying.

I've been working out menu's to make low carb a healthier option. I eat poorly (alot of take out, pizza, etc) so in eating more fish, tofu, chicken salad and veggies i think it's actually better for me. I'm trying to do it with as little greasy red meat as possible. I have low carb dieters stigma! Even though I lost like 80lbs on it the last time I did it. It was life reasons and not diet reasons I went off track. I just needed my crutch back.


Al (losingharry) said...

Every loss is a win. 4 pounds is awesome

Twon said...

I'm certainly not knocking it! I feel better as the scale is continuing to decrease, even though not officially until weigh in!

CactusFreek said...

4 pounds IS an awesome loss! And yea, we are just going to follow you around now that we've found you :oÞ