Friday, April 23

my first image enclosure! woot.

OK, so I see lots of people use and love but my question is, have any of you ever actually looked at the website? It makes my eyes bleed! :) It's so busy!! and orange. Feel free to sell me if you'd like! If so many people use it, it must be good.


Big Clyde said... this: get a username, password, etc. and just use the "Nutrition Tracker". That's all I use and all I've ever really looked at. It has a huge database of foods and nutritional content. Very helpful to me.

E-mail me directly if you have questions or get stuck.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member there. I love it. Everyone is really supportive, and they send out some great articles that keep me motivated. It's not that bad really!!!

MacMadchen said...

I have tried Spark and really hate it. The nutrition tracker really isn't very good IMHO, but I do like daily plate.

Julia said...

Hi, Twon: I use sparkpeople everyday, very supportive community, great articles and their recipe builder is my favorite feature. The colors do leave something to be desired:)