Monday, April 26

(I still hate the corn industry more)

Having been Vegan for a time, being on a low-carb diet sometimes feels like a deal with the devil.

I have meat guilt, always have. Maybe I should look into shopping for local options for such things. At least I'll be supporting the evil industries less.


Big Clyde said...

I have no experience here, so not much to say...other than that I applaud you for being intentional about what you are eating. It will only lead to good things.

Have a good week.

Twon said...

@Clyde yeah, i much prefer to mindlessly shovel delicious into my mouth. thinking about food is work! lol

Becca55 said...

I feel you on the industry crapola!! Came across your blog today so I thought I would stop in and say hello :)

Twon said...

@becca Hello!! Nice to meet ya :)