Friday, April 30

I can't shake this little feeling I'll never get anything right

Well, after this weekends diet blunder, I still managed to lose 4lbs this week (15lbs total). So that's something.

My appetite seems to have dimished as I predicted it would. The compulsion to be eating at all times has been replaced with actually eating when I get hungry. I still eat plenty when I do eat, but that's ok. This isn't to say I don't crave sweets, but I'll get some sugar free sweets in time.

For now, I settle for a cup of lemonade once a day (lemon juice, water, 3 splenda) to cut my sweet urges. It's actually quite yummy!  It makes for decent break snack with my pickles. Yeah, mealtimes are typically omelets for breakfast, pickles and lemonade for snack, salads for lunch, and then my extravagant meat cheese yum dish for dinner. I look forward to more dieting leniency in the next few weeks!

My coworker tagged pics of me on Facebook yesterday. Ug! I work very hard to protect the mental image I have of what I look like, and don't want it spoiled with evidence to the contrary! But then I was told I looked a little thinner yesterday too, so I'll call it a wash :)


Sharon said...

That's a great loss! I don't know how you survive on pickles and lemonade. You must have great self discipline!

Psykochatter said...

1) OMG you're not online and I need you I'm having a caffeine freakout and don't know if it's me or this tea and can't tell if i love it or hate it or if I'm about to die.

2) Aside from my chocolate binges, I've found my cravings for sweets to be pretty much gone.

3) You have been looking thinner! I think the form-fitting-er clothes really helps, too!

Al (losingharry) said...

Great job and great loss! You are making some great progress.

Physicallee Fit said...

Your actual post was a lot more upbeat than your title. You can get something right. It takes practice though. 21 day habit and all that jazz.

You can do it. Just like Stuart Smalley, you're good enough, you're smart enough and doggone people like you. Okay, maybe not just like Stuart Smalley, but you get the drift.

Twon said...

@Sharon because i get to have bacon mushroom cheeseburgers for dinner ;) but the diminished appetite really does help! im at work today and where i used to have to eat -all day- now i only get hungry at mealtime

@megan i suppose the 3lbs of chocolate sitting on your coffeetable do help keep the cravings away ;) don't die! i'll go to Gchat in a minute!

@Al Thanks buddy! the more i lose, the more resolve i gain to stick with it! i'm in no rush to any particular weight, just happy to be lower!

@Psysicallee thanks! yeah, i like adding emo lyrics to things. They're like a vent for my sad insides so they don't boil over :)

Missa said...

From my post:
If you have gym phobia, then do something other than gym stuff.. Go outside for a walk, do a DVD, or, if you still want to have a 'fat tax', hire a personal trainer that comes to you or meets you at a park or something. You are doing something right because the pounds are dropping!

Hope you have a rockin' weekend!


Tricia said...

Dude...we're so living the same life right now. Minus the lemonade...I do coffee with heavy whipping cream and splenda for my sweet cravings. Pretty darn yummy.

OH GOD, I wish FaceBook didn't allow people to tag pictures! You're so right! Mine is a delicately crafted world of denial and decent camera angles, and then here comes this jerk taking a picture of ALL my 400 pounds wearing a sombrero and I'm like WHO IN THE HELL...oh. Gah. Hate.

Speaking of, you should add me on FaceBook! I'm pretty awesome. (patricia pilgrim, that's me!)

Stay strong this weekend, don't let any sore loser poker players try to break your stride. :)

Twon said...

@missa i have plenty a exercise oppurtunities right in my home. Im gonna start monday. that is the day i have chosen. So it shall be ;) I am losing weight with my diet very well (for now) but i know that will settle down eventually and ill need a backup plan :)

@tricia I literally laughed out loud at your "and here comes some jerk with a camera..." comment :) I should embrace the horrible pictures of myself. i wont look like them for long ;) i'll look you up on the FB. I hate facebook!! i only keep it up cause everyone else uses it. /sheep

CactusFreek said...

You're on FaceBook? Add me!

Pepsi Max is great for sugar cravings, but it's high in caffiene. Those little lolllypops are good too.
You're doing an awesome job :o)