Thursday, April 22

The Double Down Disaster

So yesterday I did something that left me feeling dirty and sinful.

I ate a Double Down sandwich from KFC for dinner. It's like they wrapped shame and stigma into a delicious ball of arterial plaque. I was watching tv the night prior with my friend Megan and the commercial came on and i said "I bet I could totally eat the grilled one!". Website confirmed this at 3 carbs each.

So it was totally all I could think about since I found this out. I'm just so excited to have an "eating out" option I can just get and eat. But eating that crap isn't really part of my "healthier" low carb agenda. I'm trying to eat mostly fish, tofu and chicken (not from the evil industry). I coupled it with some broccoli and cheese. I'm learning to love broccoli!

Tomorrow is weigh-in. Hoping for good things to keep me motivated. Wish me luck!


Al (losingharry) said...

Cool, you fixed the comments, I was about to try and send you an email.

I saw a commercial for those KFC things and have really wanted to try one. I just know that it can't be good for my calorie count.

Being on low carb can be discouraging just because of the limits of restaurant choices. I remember the day I quit doing Atkins. We went out to eat and my wife ordered a personal pizza and the only thing I could eat on the menu was a salad. About 10 minutes into the meal I ordered a big bowl of pasta and told Dr. Atkins to hit the road.

Psykochatter said...

Ooh! I can comment now!

I *really* want to try the double down.. but it doesn't fit into ANY of my attempts at eating well!

But, I will say- when I've been most successful at weight loss, it's been when I've known exactly what I can eat at random fast food and sit down places.

Twon said...

@Al: Yeah, eating out is totally the hardest part of low carbing. the calorie count on the original was only like 540-something i think. So the grilled one is probably in the 400's which really isnt terrible. youll have to check on the fat though. has all the nutritional info. which includes fried gizzards! (dont know where -those- are sold!

@megan the original one was delicious! the grilled one is ok. its just drier. but it's still chicken breasts filled with bacon cheese and sauce. how can you go wrong with that! ...unless we're vegan again ;)

Tricia said...

Everyone talks about how terrible it is, but when you're forced to eat out and make it low-carb, the grilled one's probably one of the best options out there. Sure it would probably be better just to get two grilled filets and leave out the cheese and bacon, but that's not as good of a story. But as far as fast food grilled chicken's really not that bad.

Twon said...

@tricia yeah. For me it falls into the category of "not as bad as they say, not something I should eat often". Granted for low carbers, we get a different set of rules. And it, realistically, isn't the worst thing I could be eating! I used to wrap cheese blocks in bacon and deep fry! Mmm and ugghhh. Being veggie for awhile changed my attitudes a bit.

Tricia said...

I think the reason I'm kinda scared to go fully low-carb again is because it got to a point where I was eating like a pound of brisket a night, with a side of pork rinds. Then I joined Weight Watchers and learned how many calories are even in a SERVING of brisket, let alone a whole pound. Then I was wondering why I stopped losing weight and my hair started falling out.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you fixed the comments. I've so been wanting to comment.

Oh...this is going to sound so bad...but I want to try the new double down massive. It looks awesome. Was it good??? he he...

I'm sending you skinny vibes for tomorrow. I can't wait to see how you do!


Twon said...

@tricia yeah, the misconception is you can take in 6000 calories of meat a day on low carb and lose weight, and while we don't *count* calories, we need to still be aware of them. i'll blog about my prior lowcarb experience at some point, but i managed it after awhile into something quite resonable and livable. however, it was life drama that made me not care anymore. But like i said, this time its all about meshing a low carb lifestyle, but trying to be aware of what im eating and doing the best way possible.

@Chrissie yeah, i do most of my blog stuff from my phone at work and it leads to terrible things lol it all seems to be working correctly now! and im not gonna lie, it was delicious! the original one especially. i hate KFC, but do love the taste of their chicken. so i mean just picture 2 boneless chicken breasts (yum) with bacon and cheese lol how could that -not- be delicious!

I like the grilled ok, it's a little dry but i imagine its different everytime and still nice to know theres something fast i can buy in a pinch.

CactusFreek said...

I did the same thing a few days ago with fish and chips!

What does tofu taste like? I'm too scared to try it.

McDonalds has some good, low carb salads on the meny doesn't it?
I couldn't do low carb. I looooove my carbs!

Good luck with the weigh in :o)

Missa said...

Yay! Comments are working! I try not to do the whole fast food thing. Even when there are healthy options there, I don't trust myself to actually pick that option when I get to the drive-thru.


Twon said...

@Cactus Tofu is -delicious- (to me anyway)! you just have to do it right. ok, let me rephrase... it's not delicious, it tastes like nothing. but it takes on the taste of however you cook it completely! you have to wrap it in paper towel and apply slight pressue. the less water in it, the better. but its cheap, low carb, and high in protein! buy a pack, its like $2. slice and fry in a pan with some spray and put a sauce you like it. you'll grow to love it!

And i will look into their salads.

@Missa yeah, self control is a terrible thing to have to invoke :) i am trying to not buy fast food anymore, as ive lived on it for years

Sharon said...

I'm so glad you fixed the comments! I haven't tried the Double Down, though I imagine it is wonderful for low-carbers. But at 540 calories, I probably won't be eating one anytime soon.

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow!

Twon said...

@Sharon i'm glad i fixed them too :) Yeah, bacon and cheese sure do wrack up the calories quick! but it's definitely heavy and satisfying, so it may be worth making it a dinner just to give in to temptation and try it. just keep your head low when ordering so no one sees you ;)

fatty blogsticks said...

oh, i don't think we have a 'double down' down under. that's probably a good thing, because i have an irresistibly convenient drive-thru kfc just down the road from me... and i always want fries with that.

well done on your most recent weigh-in. brilliant result.

xx fb