Saturday, March 6

this and that and the other thing

I guess I should establish parameters for what I'm wasting this perfectly good internet real estate on exactly. This will be the least food related diet blog in existence. This is not for recording meals or logging exercise (though that may happen sometimes). It likely won't be spell checked or proofread, my apologies. This is something I need more than that. This is a place for me to explore my feelings.

You are correct, that sounds so horribly lame. However the issue of weight is different for each person, and the "why it happened" is almost more important to me than the "how to fix it", although those things go hand in hand. I acknowledge that the expression "eating your feelings" is not merely a cliche, but a direct statement describing when I stopped caring about weight, or appearance, or physical relationships. Or love.

That is all epilogue. The story is over and that is the tragic outcome to a story that ended with heartbreak and pain and loneliness. A life that floundered, suppressed, and never quite found its footing. However it is all over now; wrapped up and packed away like christmas decorations. It has to be. That was Volume 1, and it's written and done.

But this, this right here... this is the prologue to Volume 2. The beginning of something different.

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