Saturday, March 20

spite and fury: a love story

Ok, that was a red herring. This is not about love. It's about my coworker who is on a diet and losing weight.

I would normally be happy and positive for someone who accomplished something good, however I don't like them. They are controlling and manipulative and mostly annoying, but I tolerate them. However, he has lost a noticable amount of weight the last few weeks and his eating habits are different.

The other day when he was making fun of some fat person (yeah, he's class) and rather than the usual "he's our size" comment I got a "he's *your* size" comment. Ohhh anger. So it begs the question, is it ok to use negative emotions as motivation? I'm a big believer that negative emotions should be rationalized and worked through as quickly as possible as they are unpleasant and lead people to be hurtful / negative.

But what if that leads to burying things. Suppression of emotion is definitely part of the problem, isn't it? But all the same, I don't believe holding on to negative emotions can lead to good things, even if applied to a positive end. But is wanting to lose weight to spite someone else really so bad? I could play with the symantics and word it in such a way that it doesn't sound so bad, but why lie? He would be pissed if I stole his thunder losing more weight faster and looking better than him. And that truly would be delicious! (See what I did there...)

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CactusFreek said...

I say go for it! As long as you aren't hurting anyone, use whatever mental motivation works for you.
I am a nice person who also believes that negative stuff should be dealt with so we can move on. But there's one woman i know who bugs me. She's just as fat as me but i'm losing weight and she's not. I always feel a sly bit of satisfaction when she checks me over. And underlined in that satisfaction is the knowledge of the annoyance that i'd feel if the situation were reversed, or i regained the weight i've lost thus far. It's naughty, but it's just between me and you :o)