Thursday, March 18

better or less

I haven't forgotten you dearest blog. I am still in the phase of eating better, or eating less, whichever is the better route. I'm eating less no matter what, but prolly still too much to lose weight at the pace I would like. We won't even think about weight right now.

But I've managed to get my mom to start cooking better, so that's a big step right there as she usually cooks on sundays and sends me home with 3 days of leftovers. She can't help it. She, like me, stuffs feelings down with food. Moreso, she shows her love with food. That's the tricky part. She is old, it's hard to deal with her issues now. But I have to accept that whatever the worst meal in the world she makes, I don't have to binge on it and I don't have to eat the leftovers she sends me home with. She never has to know.

But, oh the pain of throwing away food. It's a wall for me. Emotional issues aside, it's just so wasteful! I've been supplying my coworkers when I can. This upcoming week the not-crappy scale I ordered online comes. (The 30$ scales break and I live near their weight maximums, so are duly inaccurate).

But making better choices when I can is livable.

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