Thursday, March 25

the accent gets me everytime

I watched the premiere of Jamie Olivers Food Revolution the other night. Despite adoring him and his british accent, I thought it was a great show on its own merit. I hate shows like "The Biggest Loser", which may have it's merits. I'm sure peoples stories are very touching and motivating, but I hate the extreme spend 6hrs a day in the gym get screamed at reality tv game show sensationalism of it all.

This is more a "let me come into your life and help you make better choices" feel. It's dramatic and snarky, don't get me wrong. But it feels real. Realer. And he's the naked chef. One of these days he'll live up to his name! And the idea that school kids eat pizza for breakfast is insane!

There was one scene where he has this family, and he takes all the food the mom would cook for her family for a week and layed it all out cooked on the kitchen table. It was all fried greasy fat, and I cringed at the idea of what it would look like if he did that to me...

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CactusFreek said...

Do you like that show, 'You are what you eat'? I love Gillian McKieth and i've adopted a few of her ideas.
If my food were spread out like that, i think i'd do reasonably ok coz i love my veges. I'm not really a fruit person...and i don't really drink water. But the booze would get me in LOTS of trouble!!